To whom it may concern, Bonnie Bryant assisted my 84 year old Mother to move from her 3 bedroom, 2000 sf home, which she had lived in since 1962, to a 650 sf seniors’ facility. Mom was not doing well living on her own but at the same time it was very difficult for her to consider moving from the family home. Bonnie was very supportive and understanding with Mom as Mom worked through her emotions surrounding the decision to move. Bonnie researched the type of housing that my Mom could possibly move into and reviewed them with my Mom and our family. Mom decided on the seniors’ facility; Bonnie and Mom then developed a moving plan. During the entire planning and implementation of Mom`s move, Bonnie was calm, patient, and very positive. She has a special demeanor which works well with seniors and their adult children. We highly recommend Bonnie and Seniors’ Next Move to any senior who wants a trouble free move. Regards, RRDB


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