Bonnie recently helped coordinate my father's move out of his apartment of 20+ years and into a new apartment. The impetus for the move was a diagnosis of a medical condition that would leave my father unable to function physically over the long-term in his two storey condo. As my father had been living in his apartment for 20+ years he had accumulated a lot of stuff. Bonnie walked Dad and Family through the procedures to make the move successful. Bonnie helped to set up systems to help Dad let go of his stuff in an easy to understand way. As a result, we easily identified what belongings my Dad would take with him, donated a lot to charity, recycled everything we could, and did not in the end throw out a lot into the trash. I really liked how conscious Bonnie was of the environment from her diligent sorting of recyclables and items to charity and using recyclable boxes instead of cardboard boxes. Bonnie suggested that we rent large rubbermaid type packing containers instead of using cardboard boxes so we did not have to create new waste from the move. The movers that were provided by Bonnie were very considerate and attentive to what they were moving. My dad has a lot of sculptures and other delicate items that were moved with the utmost caution and care. I am so grateful for the service that Bonnie provided in simplifying, what could have been a very challenging move, in a professional and very attentive manner. Bonnie was very patient, empathetic and understanding with our family. When my Dad needs to move to assisted care, we will use Bonnie and Seniors Next Move again without hesitation. Sincerely, HF & NF


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