Bonnie Bryant was hired to help my 92 year old father move from the family home where he had been living for 35 years. The job was large and although my dad is still very competent physically, it was emotionally draining for him to sift through his belongings and decide what to keep, what to sell and what to donate to charity. Bonnie was very gentle with him. She was also very well informed about who to contact and she organized a lot of this move for my dad. He did a lot of the packing, because he is just that kind of a guy (ask Bonnie!) but she was more than willing to help. Overall, she helped him organize the auctioneers who came and gave a quote and then she arranged for the delivery of the appropriate furniture to them. She set up the where all the belongings would be donated to. Dad did get a little confused at times with the details about the move and Bonnie very gracefully helped him stay on track and keep him moving in the right direction. I live in White Rock and my brother lives in North Vancouver and I know that we both very much appreciated Bonnie’s (Seniors’ Next Move) assistance with my dad’s move. I would recommend her to anyone. Christie D.

Christie D.

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