• Create Move Plan
  • Create Schedule or Timeline
  • Create Floor Plan of new home; determine furniture selection and placement
  • Act as Agent for all contacts involved in the move process e.g. hiring & scheduling an efficient and reliable moving company
  • Help determine which belongings to move with
  • Downsizing/Rightsize; Sort Household Items to Keep, Sell, Gift, Donate, Recycle or Trash
  • Consult with appraisers for sale of valued possessions
  • Disposal of unwanted items; coordinate pickups for charities, recycle, junk removers etc.
  • Pack and Ship personal items to out of town family
  • Arrange for rental storage space if needed
  • Pack; we ensure that your belongings are handled with the best possible care
  • Arrange for disposal of household toxic chemicals in an environmentally appropriate manner
  • Disconnect and/or transfer utilities/services
  • Change of address and forwarding address

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