Move Services

After consultation with you we will proceed with the services that you request. We will work together with your adult children or we manage your entire project by staying in regular contact with your family (or lawyer/POA, executor, realtor, or other professionals).


  • Create Move Plan
  • Create Schedule or Timeline
  • Create Floor Plan of new home; determine furniture selection and placement
  • Act as Agent for all contacts involved in the move process e.g. hiring & scheduling moving company
  • Help determine which belongings to move with
  • Downsizing/Rightsize; Sort Household Items to Keep, Sell, Gift, Donate, Recycle or Trash
  • Consult with appraisers for sale of valued possessions
  • Disposal of unwanted items; coordinate pickups for charities, recycle, junk removers etc.
  • Pack and ship personal items to out of town family
  • Arrange for rental storage space if needed
  • Pack; we ensure that your belongings are handled with the best possible care
  • Arrange for disposal of household toxic chemicals in an environmentally appropriate manner
  • Disconnect and/or transfer utilities/services
  • Change of address and forwarding address

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Moving Day

  • Coordinate and oversee moving day
  • Liaise with new residence management
  • Arrange furniture as per floor plan
  • Unpack boxes and belongs and put away into cupboards, closets etc.
  • Make Beds, hang pictures, connect phone, lamps, TV, clocks, etc.
  • Confirm Utilities/Services are connected
  • Clear away all packing material
  • We greet you at your new home!

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