Housing Options

Shift in Lifestyle

Seniors’ Next Move will guide and assist you to help you choose the best type of home and location of your next home. Do you have too much space? Will your move be a move to maintain independent Living such as a smaller house or condo; will your move be for Assisted Living with the potential for future care or will your move be to a care facility from your home? These moves are all a passage from one state to another, thus we ‘Transition’. We have experience working with seniors during these transitions so therefore we can assist you in understanding the different types of housing that are available to you and the stage of life that you are in.

Housing Options

There are many different housing options available to seniors today, and with your input we can find a location that suits your individual needs. Each person has a different set of requirements, especially in later life. Working with our team will allow you to distinguish what is important to you and where you want to live in the future. Depending on your needs and abilities, we can help you choose a facility that fits your desired life plan. Seniors’ Next Move will examine the following in order to help guide you to a decision which is best for you:

  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Background

The amount of care you require will help decide what type of facility to contact. Vancouver has many options for senior housing and living. They are commonly categorized as follows:

Condo/Smaller Home

This is the choice for individuals who are still independent, active, and healthy and are probably a younger aged senior. They are not in need of a retirement or care facility. A smaller, more compact space allows for easier cleaning and organizing. However, there are still enough square feet to entertain friends and family. Some seniors combine independently owning a property with Home Care Services.

Retirement Communities or Residences

These facilities are for active, independent seniors. These facilities promote social activity and usually have a lot of planned events.

Independent Living Facilities

Often condos or apartments, these are designed to give active seniors all that they require. Used by independent seniors, these facilities often have options for meal plans and activities.

Assisted Living Facilities

When some daily activities become too difficult to manage, an Assisted Living Facility may be required. Trained specialists will assist where needed with bathing, dressing, medication and other daily routines. These facilities have options for meal plans and social activities. Some facilities may offer special service to those with impaired vision and the early stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Long Term Care / Nursing Homes

For some seniors, it is no longer safe to be alone due to complex health conditions or health care requirements. These individuals may need assistance with walking or eating or it may just be the case that they have a lot of daily health needs. 24 hour personal care is provided in these facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of all clients.

Home Care

These services are available to people who do not need or want to live in a care facility but realize the need for extra help with their activities of daily living in their home. Different companies offer a variety of services, including meal delivery, laundry service, house cleaning, shopping, accompanying to the Doctor or other appointments, companionship and assessing health care needs.

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