Our Goal is to ensure that we take every effort to respect and protect our beautiful environment for our sake and for future generations. We work at lowering our carbon-footprint and look forward to helping you do the same. Seniors’ Next Move Inc. operates with a sustainability policy and our environmental Green business initiatives will ensure that you have peace of mind that comes from working with an eco-friendly Move Management Company who uses ‘Green’ practices.

Our ‘Green’ initiatives are:

  • We partner with companies who follow ‘Green’ ethics
  • We reduce and manage our paper use by printing double sided or save documents on computer
  • We purchase certified Recycled paper products for all of our paper, envelopes, etc.
  • We turn off office equipment when not in use
  • We use suppliers of packing materials who have a return policy
  • We re-use packing materials for waste reduction
  • We use plastic packing boxes that can be returned to the company we rent them from
  • We use suppliers who use environmentally safe cleaning products
  • We help to dispose of your belonging through donation/charity/recycling
  • We drive Hybrid vehicles & use courier services who drive Hybrid vehicles

To do your own recycling:

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